Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Clinique 3-step

Before being recommended Clinique 3-step by a friend, I used the "simple" products! I can't knock those products because they worked really well on my skin and didn't aggravate it in anyway. However, using the 3 step has really made a difference to my skin and I always feel fresh after using the products and they don't break me out in spots at all! 

When I first tried the Clinique products I did find that my skin dried out a little because I wasn't used to the brand and finds that happens a lot with a skin care that I use; but when my skin finally gets used to the change it really started to make a difference! 

When I am taking my makeup off I first use the Clinique eye make-up remover which is just amazing and even removes waterproof mascara when I wear that! It is really oily so doesn't aggravate my skin in anyway and doesn't sting my eyes when I use it, seriously if you haven't tried this product yet I suggest you do because it completely removes your eye make-up and doesn't leave any redness to your eyes whatsoever!

I use this with cotton pads.

After this, I use the clinique face wash to get my facial makeup off and it removes it so well and lathers up into a really froffy soap and makes your skin feel so nice after using it! I always do this step twice so that after my makeup is removed, I feel like my face is actually getting a good wash on its own! This product also lasts a really long time because you only need a small amount, I get one 3-step pack every christmas!

After this step, I use the toner and it seriously is amazing, you can really feel it cleaning your face and my skin always feels so soft and fresh after using it! The only thing I would say about this toner is it is quite strong and when you first try it, you can kind of feel it burning your skin slightly (not in a painful way) but it really gets a deep clean, so just a warning to new clinique users! It definitely isn't hurting/damaging your skin in any way!

Then for the last step of the 3-step, I use the moisturiser! I find this moisturiser leaves my skin feeling really soft on a morning once the product has soaked in, and you only need the tiniest pump on your hand because this moisturiser really does go so far! I like that this product has a pump on the top of the bottle therefore shows you the right amount of moisturiser you should be using on your face!

Clinique take the day off cleanser

And finally the last product I want to talk about is the "Clinique take the day off" cleanser! I have watched a lot of video's on YouTube about this and about how it can remove eye makeup and face makeup all in one go so that you don't have to do loads of different steps! I am definitely going to purchase this cleanser to see what I think, I am guessing I will like it because I like all the other Clinique products, but I will do a final review on this product at some stage to let you all know what I think!

I got a little bag of mini Clinique goodies for christmas with a variety of different products in a sample to try and have to say I am loving them all, it's a really cute little bag that I can take the mini 3-step my boyfriends house so I'm not carrying the bigger bottles! This little bag could also be a good makeup bag or pencil case so I am loving this little extra that I got with my 3-step this time!

Inside the bag (iPhone photo)

Mini eye-maker remover
Mini face wash (step 1)
Mini Clarifying lotion (step 2)
Mini moisturiser (step 3)
Mini foundation 
Mini mascara
Mini eye correcting cream
Mini all about eyes 

The Clinique Bag (iPhone photo)

What are your favourite skin care products? Leave me a comment and let me know! 


MAC Ruby Woo

I have always wanted to try MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, I just love the colour of the red and think it is such a flattering colour on any skin type! 
I love how matte the colour is and how it literally stays on your lips all day and doesn't smudge. I find I always have a problem with lipsticks coming off on my lips especially when I'm eating or drinking and find when I reapply it, it gives a bitty texture to my lips and therefore makes my lipstick look awful! I never get this problem with MAC lipsticks which is why they are my favourite lipsticks to date!
I have been wearing a lot of vaseline on my lips recently because of the cold weather and this has really helped my lips be ready for lipsticks and has allowed them to go on a lot more freely!  

MAC lipsticks are around £15 so are quite expensive but I definitely feel that you get what you pay for with lipstick brands are MAC ones are always so pigmented and always have the best finish so I would definitely recommend RUBY WOO if you are looking for a new red to add to your lipstick collection!

Me in Ruby Woo

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? Leave me a comment and let me know!